St. John Learning Center Update

We are happy to announce that the St. John Learning Center is once again a program of Holy Rosary-St. John Church.

The St. John Learning Center started as an outreach program of the church, and then in 1991, became a separate nonprofit. That was a good decision at the time when community-based adult education was the main model for adult education. Since then, most adult education programs have been moved into educational institutions, a move that does make sense in many ways, but that also leaves out those who still find it easier (and less intimidating) to access adult educational services in community settings.

The church and Learning Center board eventually came to the conclusion that, given these changes in the way adult education is delivered, it made sense for the St. John Learning Center to become a part of the parish again. This helps us to consolidate staff and focus on providing programs.

The Learning Center will continue to use the St. John Learning Center name, but as a program of the church rather than as a separate nonprofit. It will continue to reside on the 4th floor of the St. John Community Center (also managed by the church). Donations will still be tax deductible, but through the church. We hope everyone will continue to support the St. John Learning Center as we work on continuing its mission from the parish. More to follow soon! Stay tuned…